Zeus and Hera (a)

Only Zeus, the Father of Heaven, might wield the thunderbolt ; and it was with the threat of its fatal flash that he controlled his quarrelsome and rebellious family of Mount Olympus. He also ordered the heavenly bodies, made laws, enforced oaths, and pronounced oracles. When his mother Rhea, foreseeing what trouble his lust would cause, forbade him to marry, he angrily threatened to violate her. Though she at nice turned into a menacing serpent, this did not daunt Zeus, who became a male serpent and, twining around her in an indissoluble knot, made good his threat. (Orphic Fragment 58; Hesiod: Theogony 56.) It was the that he began his long series of adventure in love. He fathered the Seasons and the Three Fates on Themis; the Charites on Eurynome; the Three Muses on Mnemosyne, with whom he lay for nine nights; and, some say, Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld, whom his brother Hades forcibly married, on the nymph Styx. Thus he lacked no power either above or below earth; and his wife Hera was equal to him in one thing alone: that she could still bestow the gift of prophecy on any man or beast she pleased.


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