Glass House Party


I dreamt that I was at a party of some sort in a multi-level glass house. My best friend on the second floor below but I could see him because the stairs were made of glass. I went to the window because I heard loud noises like truck wheels breaking, men yelling and multiple gun shots. That was when I saw a van or bus with no top and what appeared to be gorilla-type soldiers or gang members with guns. They drove past at first but then u-turned and drove by slowly. They stopped in front of the building that we were in and it got quiet. Immediately, I knew that I needed to get my best friend and run from the building. for some reason, I knew that there was a door that lead to an outside path and we could get away! The mistake I made was for some reason I brought her into a nearby house, (or ground level apartment), where I convinced her to go inside with me.

We ended up in a living room that was some how connected to that glass house by some sort of corridor. The only thing seperating us was another wooden door. We heard footsteps, screaming, people throwing doors open, and gun shots. My best friend and I were both scared, she began to lead me. We opened a different door to a bathroom, where she told me to get into the tub as she shut the door behind him. Shhhhh… she whispered. I froze. We could hear that someone had made their way into the living room that we were just in. The sound of footsteps got louder as it moved towards the bathroom door. i layed down in the tub and desperately whispered for her to get in here with me, hiding behind a shower curtain. She was frozen. She didn’t want to make a sound and give us away. The door opened, shots were fired and THUD. I heard someone breathing for a moment like they were standing there, listening. The footsteps were like someone pounding a hammer next to my ears. I was so scared-i awoke.

I dont know what this dream means…it’s pretty weird that’s all…


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