15 Jan 2013


Romeo and Juliet, Gelsey Kirkland And Ivan Nagy


So…you don't exactly ask me what's up today, just all the same back to CCA and stuff…Gawd I saw Winni she looking pretty nice after having not seen her for soooo long !!! But she's still…too chubby.
Mr Ng sure would most likely say how could a ballet dancer survive with soooo much baby fat, damn better get on a diet. Sometimes I'm pretty upset the way they dunno or maybe don't care about others feelings. But still if I ever want to be a successful ballet dancer I can't gain a single pound and really need to loose those around my thighs and calves. Tune up my turnouts and strengthen my ankle and back. I really have a lot to improve. It feels scary and lost every time I think of the possibility that I won't be able to get into Joffrey Academy of Dance or Gelsey Kirkland Academy…It the only thing i ever thought of only place i want to go…
I am really upset that my mother is always threatening me with my lessons…she doesn’t even understand how much it means to me or how serious this is to me… I swear ballet is the best thing that happened in my life…The only good thing that happened in my life.


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