11 Jan 2013…

Teacher, I’m so sorry I let you down today…I promise I won’t be so slow next time…although running is not just about speed, i understand its importance.
I’m so fucking pissed, i really let myself down…
how did I manage to end up running for 10 over minutes ???,For four miserable rounds…I just can’t believe i actually walked. I rested. if anyone wants to make it how could they…?
is fever a fucking a excuse I can have ??? NO !!!
Running revives the soul. Heals the body. Calms the mind.
I would be saying I don’t want to get well if I bailed PT…

To all the people I promised I won’t do that again…
I felt really disappointed today because running meant everything to me. I felt that I let the world down just by missing the few minutes, though just a few minutes they really mean a lot. I might be able to clinch a gold for Nafa just for taking away a few minutes and I knew the instance I heard my timing…I skipped my CCA…dint do my homework.
Nothing went the way I planned and my life is a wreck. I’m really sorry it seemed the only way i could deal with everything…
I’m so sorry.


I do.
I do mean it,

I want this to stop.
I want to change it.

I don’t want to be…
It’s slave for life.

I have my dreams.
I have my hopes.

I don’t want to be…

By this pain.



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