The Collapse Of Tsarist Regime (1917)

What is a Tsar? Any ideas? Well… ‘Tsar’ is a russian word for ‘King’ (this is very important to understand as I’m going to be mentioning it for at least a thousand times).


Russia in 1917 as you may know have a Tsar called ‘King Nicholas 11′ . He had to abdicate due to the growth of the opposition and the impact of the First World War in , as it was too much to handle. Tsar Nicholas 11 ruled as an autocrat who held absolute power in his country but the problem with him was, he didn’t actually know what to do with his power. He didn’t handle situations very well. E.g. the army was poorly equipped due to the shortages of weapons and ammuntion. They suffered many defeats between the Russian’s and the Germans – The Battle Of Tannenburg (August 1914).

Russian monarch ruled as an autocrat and he believed that God made him Tsar and he was made for the rule of Russia, therefore he had absolute power over Russia. The Tsar had many help and advice from the aristocracy (landowners), the church, the army and the civil service believing that Russia has a great success in the future. But they were wrong. They’re beliefs have turned the wrong corner and crashed into a wall. The Tsar had been crowned at the wrong moment hoping that he would bring happiness to Russia but couldn’t because of the crisis of WW1.

In science what causes a revolution is the rotation of an object on its axis In society. Revolution is usually caused by injustices rendered by corrupt leaders or a corrupt system that oppresses the people. Revolution can also be caused by disparity between the haves and have-nots. When the gap between rich and poor becomes so great that the poor can no longer survive under these conditions they revolt and establish a system of wealth redistribution. Once the wealth has been redistributed the poor are happy again and eventually grow apathetic, then the rich begin their quiet revolution of taking the wealth back, until the disparity between the have’s and the have not’s becomes so great that the poor can no longer. But a revolution can take place only if the people are good organized and led so the best way to stop revolution is a tactic that is called “DIVIDE ET IMPERA” which means in fact bringing people from the same group to act against each other.


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    WTH i can see eh, history then i copy paste everything LOL?

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